Every Sunday, 6-10 pm: Michael is a mellow solo performer in the lounge at
River House at Odette's in New Hope, PA. Hotel accommodations and dining on The Delaware.

Thurs. Oct. 21, 2021: Wealth Financial Partners party, Basking Ridge, CC.

Saturday, November 06, 2021, 8-11 pm: "The Homewreckers" perform, outside at

Top O' The Hill 182 Rte.206/202, Bridgewater, NJ. Tents and Astroturf for you, and it's always a blast.Full bar, solid food and Rock & Roll dancing. Check it on their Facebook account. If it rains, or it's too cold,  we go indoors.

Top O'The Hill forgot us in December, but .... we will also be there Jan. 08, and Feb. 05, 2022!

Fri. Nov. 19 - Gladstone Tavern, 8-11 pm in the lounge., Gladstone, NJ.

Remember, Michael continues to offer - 

 guitar and music instruction, in-person, and with FaceTime or Zoom.

Inquire at mamusic@icloud.com and my You Tube Channel at

michael andrew nj  & michaelandrew1229@gmail.com